Gait analysis and correction for injury prevention

Our lead physiotherapist assisted with Tom (Name changed for privacy) for pain over his right calves. Tom leans excessively to the right when he walks. Our team analysed his walking pattern and nailed down what requires work on. 1 week later, Tom walks in a much better gait and pain free!

The problem with Tom’s previous walking style is that it loads the right leg excessively. Walking and running injuries primarily happen on the side of the body that you lean more towards. Also, this is Tom’s 3rd calf tear. By improving his weight bearing over both feet, he can avoid his 4th tear.

Effective rehab doesnt require expensive equipments. We just need time to understand the body, time to communicate and time to harness the strength already within you for recovery.

Let us bring this knowledge to you, at the comfort of your home.