Meet the Maison Team

Director / Principal Physiotherapist
Mok Ying Rong

Ying is a physiotherapist with an intense passion in the musculoskeletal field. Ying has given lectures internationally on movement rehabilitation. She also held the Singapore Half Marathon record from 2016 to 2019. Her approach to rehab is uniquely effective and sworn by her group of followers. Ying utilises a holistic manual approach alongside an energetic desire to get people back to a pain-free status.

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Senior Physiotherapist
Jean Tan

Jean graduated and worked at Mt Elizabeth Hospital before she joined the Maison team. She specialises in spinal and knee injuries and has a keen interest in team sports herself.‍..

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Marcus Oon

Marcus is a certified physiotherapist where he specialises in assisting seniors with neurological issues, teaching them strategies to move, as well as taking care of themselves with greater independence. Marcus believes in empowering his clients...

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Sports Massage Therapist
Alex Yal

Alex was a former professional ice hockey player turned endurance athlete, with a deep interest in the anatomical motions during high level competition. Alex started playing ice hockey at the age of 4 and became a professional player at the regional league level at the age of 17. Alex eventually ventured into the sports massage therapy industry, helping both the young and senior competitive athletes in their recovery pre and post-races.

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Jess Choo

Jess completed her physiotherapy studies in Netherlands and subsequently did an intensive physiotherapy understudy in Australia and Singapore. She first stepped foot in the public sector before moving...

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Technical Advisor
Alexander Bechter

Alex has a keen interest in fintech. He advises Maison on its technical systems and makes sure the administration system stays up to date.‍

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Best Physiotherapy Group

Thank you to The Fun Empire for the shoutout!

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Serene Nursing Home has been one of Maison's clients. Our team has provided physiotherapists for Serene over a course of 2 years.
Maison provided physiotherapy solutions for Tai Pei Home over the course of the year 2020.