Mok Ying Rong

Ying is a physiotherapist with an intense passion in the musculoskeletal field. She utilises a holistic manual approach alongside an energetic desire to get people back to a pain-free status.


Ying is an avid sportswoman. One of her more memorable sportingachievements include breaking Singapore’s Half Marathon Record in the 2016  Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Half Marathon.


In addition to analysing and treating the running gait, Ying specialises in post-operation and neurological rehabilitation. She loves working with the elderly especially.

Ying is also the current associate physiotherapist for Active Global Singapore and oversees the care plan for subsidised patients referred by AIC (Agency of Integrated Care). Ying often leads the team in physiotherapy rehabilitation and team research discussions on elderly care and mobility.


Ying advises Maison on all business development aspects on top of serving as the resident physiotherapist for Maison.