The Maison Method

Our team believes that manual therapy alone is not sufficient by itself to successfully treat the neuromuscular system. We incorporate sensorimotor training in addition to manual work, in our treatment sessions. Sensorimotor training involves strengthening starting from the core and postural muscular systems. These systems contain a highly dense network of sensory and motor nerves, giving input back to the brain as to the body's spatial positioning.

Often, the patient undergoes a general strengthening and massage program without seeing much results in their pain and condition. This is often their postural and core muscles have not been included in the treatment plan. As such, the body segments can become stronger but this strength improvements do not show up in the movement of the body as a whole.

As such, both manual work and specific strengthening intervention are vital aspects of patient care. Rather than traditional strength training, a customised strength training specific to the patient's weakness and neuromuscular limitations is needed to promote whole-body neuromuscular activity. These include gently increasing proprioception from the posterior chain of muscles, from the pelvic region and to the deep core muscles, upwards towards the deep back and the neck musculature. These physical activities help activate/retrain the motor system, improving postural control and optimize gait.